Olivier Stalon


François Delporte | Xavier Rogé

Born a last century’s fall, Olivier waited around 20 springs before grabbing a bass.
After he received the owner’s manual from Michel Hatzigeorgiou, he played with different – small & big – bands in several conservatories.
But, electricity became more and more expensive, Olivier bought an upright bass. And – that owner’s manual was written in Czechoslovak – he asked Jean-Louis Rassinfosse and Bart Denolf for some instructions in both languages.

He studied also with Eric Legnini, Dave Douglas, John Ruocco, Joshua Redman, Diederick Wissels, Jerry Granelli, Kris Defoort, Ben Street… And, in the meanwhile, he chose to transmit his experience and culture to Belgian, Tunisian and Luxemburgish students.

Among other projects, he participated or is still active with Quetzal, Darwin Case, Al Orkesta, Casey Scott, Todd Bishop, Acous’trees, Fox, Commander Grek, Alexandre Beaurain


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